Saturday, May 9, 2009

"digital design"

i read somewhere this GIRL said that using photoshop isnt photography, its digital design. i completely agree. photography is taking pictures and gettin the shot right how you want it without tampering with it or cheating using photoshop. however, using photoshop is still fun and you can make stuff look pretty sweet. so i'll continue to use it and hopefully get better at it. anyhow, this is a picture i started editing two nights ago and i just finished it tonight. its complete with my new little "copyright" mark thing i made. haha. KGP!

photo credits go to mike larsen. i just photoshopped it.


just for fun. a mugshot if you will. taken and photoshopped by me.


this is kim. see kim play with colorful bubbles.


  1. Now I just need to teach you a little bit about makeup so you can learn what areas should be lightened or darkened on photos, so you dont even need a professional makeup artist. :)

  2. k sara teach me how to do makeup hahahaha :)

  3. I like the headshot of you, but what did you do to your hair?

  4. i just messed it up for fun