Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so me and mike are making a music video for the song "more soup" by moka only ft. mf doom. anyhow, we set up this "set," filmed a bunch of stuff and then were kinda done for the night and started taking pictures. it turned out to be pretty fun. haha. pictures of me were taken by mike and i took the ones of him. so this is a KG Bigginz photoshoot. hahaha.

p.s. none are photoshopped...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

utah lake

so, i wanted to go to utah lake and take some pictures. at the af harbor. sounded fun and mike had recently been there to film a little music video and he got some sick shots. so i wanted some cool photos. pretty sure i got there at the perfect time. and i stayed for about an hour probably. just watching the sunset and changing angles and snappin pik-chas. haha. it was super fun and i'm happy with the results! check it out. such a beautiful sunset. i.love.sunsets.

so i got a haircut

yes a haircut. first one since last june. haha. not really great pictures or whatever but thought i'd post them for fun anyway!

work style pony tail haha


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i've never been a fan of crazy colored shoes. i've always looked for the plainest black shoe. for the most part. a few years ago i bought a pair of white shoes. this was something very foreign to me. i felt weird but i liked them. so i went for it. and they were comfy. i'll throw this out there right now, comfort is the most important quality in footwear to me. i'm picky. anyway, almost 2 years after the white shoes, i took a risk again and bought a pair of brown shoes. good buy. i love them. probably 6 months after the brown ones i found the most perfect shoe i've ever owned. and of course, its plain black. love them. recently, i was with a friend shopping for shoes. i was not intending to buy any. however, i saw a pair of bright blue shoes. i tried them on. they were pretty cool and pretty comfy but they didnt have my size. then i found a different shoe, same brand, different color. they were red. i thought it wouldnt hurt to be outgoing and try them on too. they didnt have my size in a red so i tried the black to see how they fit. they were awesome. then i tried on the red ones in the closest size available. i thought dang these are pretty kickin. they look good to me. i like them. i dunno tho... then my friend proceeds to tell me he thinks i can pull them off and i should buy them. so i think to myself, i love how they look and they are really comfy. so in response to my friend i say i should buy them just because i can pull them off. i'll just do it. so when i got home that night i found them online and ordered them. what a good decision! i love them!

and here they are...

this picture was a 13 second exposure, taken around midnight in my driveway. and yes i took it myself.


Monday, April 20, 2009


I am proud to be an American. I love flags.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Blog is Born.

so like all things which are created or born, my blog is no different. consider it birthed.

speaking of birth, there is a cool song called "birth" and these are two of my favorite lyrics from that song.....

"i just paced myself. not i as my whole self, just the half that i had. before greeting the rest, of my better half."

"i should have noticed the beauty, and not how it hurt"

some synonyms of the word birth that i like

"creation, genesis, origination, spawning"

i love creating the preservation of that perfect moment in time. a picture. one frame. the beauty of photography is in it's simplicity. the way one thing may stand out to your eyes and another thing might go unnoticed. the emphasis and detail that can be focused on in a given situation. or perhaps the overall view you get from a wide angle when trying to see as the eye sees. i could go on about creativity, angles, lighting, color, framing and other things to try to sound cool, but what it really comes down to is one thing... do i enjoy looking at this picture?

sometimes to get a photo, you put time into it. set up for that perfect shot, move around to find that angle that is just right, etc. but other times the perfect picture is captured without prior planning. something that is just caught in the moment.

a picture is always honest. it cannot lie. it may not reveal the whole truth, but it cant lie.

(unless it is tampered with)

"imperfection is beauty"

the beauty of photography is in it's simplicity

simply put

i LOVE photography