Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Blog is Born.

so like all things which are created or born, my blog is no different. consider it birthed.

speaking of birth, there is a cool song called "birth" and these are two of my favorite lyrics from that song.....

"i just paced myself. not i as my whole self, just the half that i had. before greeting the rest, of my better half."

"i should have noticed the beauty, and not how it hurt"

some synonyms of the word birth that i like

"creation, genesis, origination, spawning"

i love creating the preservation of that perfect moment in time. a picture. one frame. the beauty of photography is in it's simplicity. the way one thing may stand out to your eyes and another thing might go unnoticed. the emphasis and detail that can be focused on in a given situation. or perhaps the overall view you get from a wide angle when trying to see as the eye sees. i could go on about creativity, angles, lighting, color, framing and other things to try to sound cool, but what it really comes down to is one thing... do i enjoy looking at this picture?

sometimes to get a photo, you put time into it. set up for that perfect shot, move around to find that angle that is just right, etc. but other times the perfect picture is captured without prior planning. something that is just caught in the moment.

a picture is always honest. it cannot lie. it may not reveal the whole truth, but it cant lie.

(unless it is tampered with)

"imperfection is beauty"

the beauty of photography is in it's simplicity

simply put

i LOVE photography


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