Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i've never been a fan of crazy colored shoes. i've always looked for the plainest black shoe. for the most part. a few years ago i bought a pair of white shoes. this was something very foreign to me. i felt weird but i liked them. so i went for it. and they were comfy. i'll throw this out there right now, comfort is the most important quality in footwear to me. i'm picky. anyway, almost 2 years after the white shoes, i took a risk again and bought a pair of brown shoes. good buy. i love them. probably 6 months after the brown ones i found the most perfect shoe i've ever owned. and of course, its plain black. love them. recently, i was with a friend shopping for shoes. i was not intending to buy any. however, i saw a pair of bright blue shoes. i tried them on. they were pretty cool and pretty comfy but they didnt have my size. then i found a different shoe, same brand, different color. they were red. i thought it wouldnt hurt to be outgoing and try them on too. they didnt have my size in a red so i tried the black to see how they fit. they were awesome. then i tried on the red ones in the closest size available. i thought dang these are pretty kickin. they look good to me. i like them. i dunno tho... then my friend proceeds to tell me he thinks i can pull them off and i should buy them. so i think to myself, i love how they look and they are really comfy. so in response to my friend i say i should buy them just because i can pull them off. i'll just do it. so when i got home that night i found them online and ordered them. what a good decision! i love them!

and here they are...

this picture was a 13 second exposure, taken around midnight in my driveway. and yes i took it myself.